Why Zohii?

The story of Zohii…

Have you ever thought you were born to do something?

Fashion, drawing, creating.... It's in my genetic make-up and a really big part of who I am. My mum taught me to sew at 7 years old and I was instantly hooked. Over the years, I loved to make garments that made people feel beautiful & happy, mostly bridal & kids wear.

People often said to me “start your own label” but what would I create?

I moved to Australia in 2006. The tropical climate & warm balmy evenings are just stunning to experience. Marrying an Australian & having two amazing children topped it off. A beautiful son came first, but nothing prepared me for my girl who is determined, passionate and head strong.

Zohii the label was brought to life after a request from my daughter to make matching outfits last summer. As a mum I designed all the shapes with versatility in mind to suit your child's growth for not 1 summer but 2 or even 3!

All in the brightest colourful prints, reflective of the stunning summer days here on the Coast. The reaction from the public blew me away, we were stopped for photographs like stars!

The compliments flowed... To hear words of affirmation are not only a crucial part of your development as a child but as an adult. They give you strength & energy to be bold, be brave, stand out from the crowd, be noticed, & feel empowered.

Fashion is one of the most under rated forms of confidence and in Zohii I’m bringing not only a deep and meaningful connection with your child, but a slice of sunshine to your wardrobe. 

I am so excited to move forward with not only Zohii, but a message I know all girls & their mummies will love.

All we ask is if you receive a compliment in Zohii, you give one back.

Spread the love, spread the sunshine!

Love Zohii x x x